Meet Chelsea...our new intern!

by Colette Pastore

I have been reluctant to bring on interns in the past because I felt like I could do it all and didn't necessarily have enough work for another person to be busy enough to make it worth their while.  However, lately I've felt quite the opposite.  Last week when I got an email from Chelsea I thought it could not have been better timing.  She is upbeat, funny, stylish, and has a great eye for trends.  I think she will be a great asset to the Pastore Events team.  Below is a little blurb I asked her to write about herself.  WELCOME CHELSEA!       

Here's a bit about me!

My name is Chelsea DeSimone and I am a junior communication studies major at West Chester University. After a year and a half of pursuing a nursing degree with the hopes of someday working in a pediatric office, I found that I was unhappy with my major. Why get a degree in something that I may end up liking rather than follow my dreams? (Hence, the change of major!) There is nothing more I enjoy than interacting with people, scoping out wedding blogs on a regular basis, and using Pinterest far more than I care to admit; not to mention watching way too many engagement videos... oops! I am so excited to be working as an intern for Pastore Events; I could not ask for a better place to "get my feet wet" in the world of wedding/event planning!