Men’s Foot Wear

by Colette Pastore


Men’s Foot Wear

By: Chelsea DeSimone

Our lady friends tend to get all of the attention on wedding days. Why is this the case? Women tend to care more about looking well put-together. But, men can update their looks for a wedding day (and then go back to sweatpants and sports jerseys soon after). We’ve come up with some sweet footwear for grooms, groomsmen, and wedding guests.

Corgi Socks

We are in love with these J.Crew beauties. An easy way to add a bit of spunk to an outfit is by adding some patterned socks. Pair these with some lace up booties or men’s oxfords. Sure, you may not see these socks while you are standing, but as soon as you sit down, these polka dot socks will peek out. Too cute!

Clarks Desert Beeswax Boot

If you are looking for some casual, yet adorable shoes, these may be perfect for you. Desert booties are  “in” right now and are supposed to be super comfortable. They are a great alternative to your traditional loafer. The laces and the distressed leather make for a more broken-in look.

 Aldo Roary Shoes

For a more traditional look, check out Aldo. They have a great selection of structured, lace-ups. This shoe (Roary) comes in cognac, which is pictured, and it also comes in black. Compared to the last option, these are more formal; you can also wear these to work. How convenient.

So, fellas… there is no excuse for not looking awesome on a wedding day. By doing something as simple as adding a patterned pair of socks or a rad shoe, you can really update your look. The best part is that you can wear these again and again.