Typography Inspiration

by Colette Pastore

Typography Inspiration

By: Chelsea DeSimone

There is something so beautiful about the perfect type. While it may seem like a small aspect in terms of planning a wedding, a font choice can really make or break the details. Times New Roman just isn’t going to cut it, people. Get your creative on and spend a bit of time playing around with typography.

(Side note: Pinterest has plenty of links to sweet free fonts)

Poppy Invitation

As if this invitation wasn’t gorgeous enough to begin with adorned in water colored poppies on a black and white canvas, the font really pulls the whole thing together. The variation in text is what makes this work. The italicized uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and hints of calligraphy find a perfect balance.

Typography Napkins

Instead of a boring white paper napkin, opt for a pop of color (like this fuchsia). Next, choose a font that ties into your design vision and select a color that will be striking and bold. We are really into this metallic gold with the detail in the arrow underneath the couples’ names.

Craft Paper Sprucing

So, you’re looking for something a bit more simple and masculine. No problem. Buy some inexpensive craft paper to wrap some take-home gifts in. Tie with some twine and then attach a plain label to it.  Either find a striking font online or grab a thick sharpie and get to work on a “for you” or “thank you” tag. The bold font really adds volume to the otherwise dull packaging.

  Yes, typography can be easily overlooked in the grand scheme of wedding planning. We cannot stress the importance of taking some time to get down to the nitty-gritty. These details are what really add the final (much needed) punch to your design vision. 



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