Hair-Dos for Your Big Day

by Colette Pastore

Hair-Dos for Your Big Day

By: Chelsea DeSimone

If there is one thing that a girl cares about (aside from her dress) on her wedding day, it’s her hair. Whether you are going for a flowing down-do or an intricate up-do, there are plenty of rad options out there. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites.

Woodsy Up-Do

We think this look is natural and perfect. It may even be something that a bride may be able to pull off on her own. Leave a few strands hanging loose for a more organic feel. Throw a crown made of flowers (or greens of your choice) toward the back of your head and call it a day!

Long Bob 

For a bride who is going for a more glamorous look, this long bob is gorgeous. This works best on someone with naturally straight hair, but can also work on a bride with waves. Part your hair down the middle and let it all fall into place. For a more striking appearance, have your make-up artist add a smoky eye.

Ombre Waves 

This look may require a bit more work than the previous two. But, it is totally worth it. If you already have ombré colored hair, you are one step closer to the finished product. Have your hair stylist part your hair down the middle and then take a curling iron to your long locks.

*P.S. How cute is this couple?

Here is our number one tip: browse a wedding blog or Pinterest and look for wedding dresses similar to the one that you have chosen. Next, find hairstyles that you think you may want to rock on your big day. Create a board on Pinterest and play around with mixing and matching the dress and hairstyles. You will surely come up with an awesome combination.