Using Mason Jars

by Colette Pastore

Using Mason Jars

By: Chelsea DeSimone

When I think of a cheap and versatile option for wedding décor, my mind immediately goes to mason jars. These can be purchased in your local craft store or grocery store. They generally come in sets and are really budget friendly (always a plus). Why buy vases or drinking glasses when you can use these sweet jars? 

What a great way to create drinking glasses that are personalized to your guests. Place a chalkboard heart (or any shape of your choice) on the mason jars. Leave pieces of chalk and a sign instructing your guests to write their names on their jar. To spruce up the drinking glasses a bit, choose a fun straw to put in them. 

Vases can be a bit pricey. Instead, opt for smaller arrangements in mason jars. For a more homemade look, have a friend or family member cut some pretty blooms from their garden. These will make for dainty, yet striking centerpieces. Sometimes, the more simple the floral arrangement, the more appealing it is. 


In contrast to our first suggestion about mason jar drinking glasses, this one adds a bit more color. Have the bride and groom choose their favorite cocktails and serve them in these beauties. Pair them with some personalized cocktail napkins and add some garnish to the drinks.

Clearly, these mason jars make for a great alternative to overly priced drinking glasses and vases. They can be equally as beautiful and they will be budget friendly. Not only this, but they can be reused in your own home as drinking glasses OR they can be given away to your guests as a take-home gift (especially the personalized chalk ones)!