Different Hued Bridesmaid Dresses

by Colette Pastore

Different Hued Bridesmaid Dresses

By: Chelsea DeSimone

We are moving further and further away from traditional weddings. This means that we are moving toward more unique bridesmaid dresses. Sometimes, they are all the same color in various fabrics and, other times, they are in different hues. We adore the different hues used in bridesmaid dresses this season! We’ve come up with some of our top picks. 

Pink and Beige

While this is more of a spring/summer palette, we cannot get enough of these colors together. Pinks and beiges work well on virtually any skin tone and with all hair colors. They are classy, simple, and do not overpower the bride. If you are looking for a chic, organic look, these hues may just be the right fit.

Champagne and Sparkle

Martha Stewart has outdone herself again. While the colors of the bridesmaid dresses are pretty much the same, there is a variety in the fabrics and textures. Not only this, but we think that this is an ideal way to incorporate short and long bridesmaid dresses. Even though the champagne color is close to the bride’s dress, she still stands out with the use of feathers and a stunning headpiece.

Cranberry and Red

This color palette is perfect for this time of year. It is a great way to add some warmth to this colder season. These bridesmaid dresses vary from reds to cranberries to light pinks. Even though all of the dresses are short, they are all cut differently. This works well when you are trying to fit your bridesmaids in the style that they feel most comfortable in.

 While opting for the same bridesmaid dresses can be absolutely gorgeous, we really do like the slight color differences that are popular right now. You can also vary the length of the dresses, the texture, and the cuts. There options for bridesmaid dresses are endless.