Introducing Pantone’s Color of the Year… Emerald!

by Colette Pastore

By: Chelsea DeSimone

To all of you wedding and fashion aficionados – say goodbye to Tangerine Tango and hello to Emerald, Pantone’s new color of the year! While 2012’s Tangerine Tango succeeded in encouraging energy, Emerald cannot be more perfect for 2013! This hue of green is rich and also promotes a sense of stability or balance. Not only this, but Emerald is seen as being the most sophisticated of all of the precious stones – what kind of lady doesn’t like a bit of classiness in her life?!

I’m going to be honest… When I first learned that Emerald green was Pantone’s color of the year, I was a bit scared about the whole wedding aspect side of things. Yes, Emerald is an absolutely lovely color sure to make any atmosphere feel more regal. But, is this color really suitable for the spring and summer months? Silly me for being so close-minded and jumping to such ridiculous conclusions! Of course, this color could work in ANY season.

I only wish I could say I’d be brave enough to wear a dress as grand as this one on my wedding day! This bride featured on I Love Wednesdays’ blog could not look any more perfect. While I’m not too sure I’d recommend dressing this boldly for a warmer wedding, this bride’s garb in a cooler climate is sure to add elegance to any wedding! Considering that the colder months (especially in the northeast!) can make for some drearier weather, this gown will definitely add some much-needed energy to her special day! Whoever got to marry this woman is is a lucky, lucky fellow!


Alright… so this color palette for a spring or summer may have won me over! The Emerald paired with the gold adds a hint of sophistication and classiness, while the mint and the blush tone down the intensity of the colors. A pop of color goes a long way – just take a look at that bouquet! The darker shade of green that the Emerald brings in makes for the loveliest floral arrangement!

When it comes to fashion, a woman decked in Emerald Green is nothing short of gorgeous; the aura that she emits when wearing such a regal color is unsurpassed by those boring beiges, blacks, and grays. Let’s be real, everyone should spruce up their wardrobes and add a pop of color every now and then! In contrast to last year’s bright Tangerine Tango, Emerald is one of those colors that can work for every season; it’s not too outrageous of a color, but is also able to make a statement!


Here is a great example of a stunning use of Emerald in the fall and winter seasons! While this trendy gal sports this charming green in her cropped pants, as well as her blouse and statement necklace, the more reserved chick can choose just one item! Though, who can deny it? This outfit is killer with that structured blazer…


In the warmer seasons, you can opt for a simpler look in this radiant color! For all of you dress-lovers, try J. Crew’s Cecilia Shift Dress in Tricotine (this color is super similar to Emerald). The color is simply gorgeous and the cut of the dress could seriously flatter any body type. And, hey! Who doesn’t love a dress that can be dressed up or dressed down? Try this number out on date night or head into the office – compliments will surely follow, regardless of the occasion!

 I think you guys get the point… 2013’s color is nothing short of FABULOUS!