What’s Trending? (Pinterest Edition)

by Colette Pastore

What’s Trending? (Pinterest Edition)

By: Chelsea DeSimone

If there’s one thing that Pinterest is overwhelmed with, it’s wedding inspiration. For all of us in the wedding planning industry, and for those of us who are eagerly planning our own weddings, this site is really our “go-to” place for all things love-related.

With trends constantly changing, we decided we’d focus on some of our favorite color palettes and wedding ideas that are “in” today.

This color palette, originally conceptualized by “Natty by Design” for a cozy living room, would make for an ideal wedding color scheme. Some colors are deep and rich, while others (such as the blush) are lighter to create a perfect balance. We adore these rustic colors (coral, noir, and caramel). In fact, one of the main trends we have come across recently on Pinterest is matching these more organic colors with gold hues. The transitioning stage between winter and spring can be a bit overwhelming for someone having a wedding in these months. After all, how can you possibly choose the perfect colors to identify with the changing seasons? Well… this palette does an outstanding job of creating a “middle ground” between these two (completely different) seasons!

This wedding, featured on Green Wedding Shoes, is all over Pinterest right now… and for good reason! We are totally obsessed with this perfect balance between rustic charm and modern sophistication. The rich-colored vases of different shapes and sizes scream vintage flea market finds (in a great way, of course!). Not to mention, that cutlery set is to die for. There is nothing more sweet in a wedding than having specific pieces look like they could have come from your grandma’s old, wooden chest full of antique goodies! With that being said, no one wants his/her wedding to be too old looking. That’s why the menu has such a modern feel to it. The eggplant and the chartreuse offer a color scheme that is both up-to-date and classy. Also, the chevron pattern is totally in right now! We cannot think of a wedding that is more flawlessly put together than this one when it comes to mixing “the old” with “the new.”