For the Men

by Colette Pastore

For the Men

By: Chelsea DeSimone

Hey fellas… why should your gals get all of the attention on your wedding day? Don’t you wish that you could have just a bit of the spotlight on “her dream day?” Okay, maybe that’s all a bit dramatic of us. After all, the day is half yours! But, it’s hard to compete with how lovely your leading lady looks on your special day.

 We’ve come up with a few ideas about what to get your groomsmen, as well as an idea as to how to make you look (almost) as good as your soon-to-be bride. Oh yeah, we’ve also discovered the perfect way to style your entourage!

 Groomsmen Gift Ideas

If we know anything, it’s that most groomsmen want two things: Liquor and cigars. Because, really, what is classier than sitting with your closest buds puffing on a cigar in celebration of your friend’s wedding? With this being said, this kit features not only bourbon and a cigar, it also comes with a copy of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, as well as a belt and a tie. This groomsmen gift could not be any more spot-on.

These are another awesome groomsmen gift. There is something so masculine about a flask and the variation in mustaches just add a bit of silliness. Rather than having to personalize each flask, just have your groomsmen remember the look of their ‘stache.

 Unique Groom & Groomsmen Look

For those of you who want something a bit less traditional than the usual tuxedo, here is an option that we love. This outfit is perfect for a woodsy wedding. The plaid adds some playfulness against the neutral slacks and tan blazer. Also, the bowtie is really in right now; it is a fun alternative to the typical tie.

If you do choose to go for a more expressive outfit on your wedding day, have your groomsmen wear blacks, whites, and grays. We don’t want you to have to compete with the other handsome men at your shindig, but they should still look put-together. The suspenders pictured here are adorable and add just the right amount of character to this simple attire.