Tying the Knot

by Colette Pastore

“Tying the Knot”

By: Chelsea DeSimone

 The most basic man’s wardrobe generally includes at least one tie or one bowtie based on his preference. Even if you are not one to dress up, your wedding day will typically encourage you to spruce up your attire, a bit. However, not all men really know how to fasten their garment of choice (even if they say that they do!). That’s where we come in…

How to tie a tie

(The Four-in-Hand technique)

1.     Start with the wide end of the tie on the right and lengthen it about ten inches below the thinner end.

2.     Cross the wide end over the narrow end; continue underneath.

3.     Cross the wide end over the narrow end again.

4.     Repeat step three once more.

5.     Hold the knot tightly and put the wide end down through the knot.

6.     Tighten

How to tie a bowtie

1.     Drape the bowtie around your neck (under your collar) and grasp both ends. Have the right end fall about 1.5 inches lower than the left end.

2.     Cross the longer end over the shorter end up near your neck.

3.     Tuck the longer end up through the loop; this will form a lose overhand knot.

4.     Pull the end that is dangling to the left & fold it back over itself to the right.

5.     Place the raised end of the tie over the front of the bow.

6.     Drag the left & right sides of the horizontally folded end; pinch them together in front of the dangling end.

7.     Take the middle of the hanging end & place it back through the knot you made in step number 3.

8.     Tighten the bowtie by pulling on opposite sides & halves (at the same time).


Clearly, the steps on how to secure a tie seem a lot easier than the steps required for tying a bowtie. However, once you’ve got some practice under your belt, both techniques are totally doable. Not to mention, you’ll look awfully suave when you’re “tying the knot!”