Cake Toppers

by Colette Pastore

Cake Toppers
By: Chelsea DeSimone

Okay… Who can deny that one of the most quintessential parts of a wedding is the wedding cake? As a society, the trend of having a “traditional cake” adorned with fine details and exquisite flowering has moved to one that is more creative and personal. Accordingly, we’ve come up with a collection of some of our favorite cake toppers.

If you’re a bride who likes the DIY aspect of weddings, then this cake topper has your name all over it. All you need to tackle this craft are some skewers and multicolored balloons. To recreate this look, be sure to vary the length of the skewers. Tip: if you have a specific color scheme to your wedding, try using the same colored balloons in different hues! You’ll be sure to get tons of compliments on your homemade cake topper.

First of all, this coconut covered cake looks divine. There is something about the texture that it creates that gives this wedding cake such spunk. This cake topper can be a DIY project, too. If you are able to find a cute font (or if you have impeccable calligraphy skills), print your name and your hubby-to-be’s name on colored stock paper of your choice. Cut out a banner shape and back it on a different colored piece of cardstock. Voila.  One of our couples last October had a similar banner as part of their cake topper.  Check it out here!

Some of us aren’t going to want to create our own cake topper… that’s totally fine! There are plenty of options out there that are equally as sweet and personal. This custom made topper by The Small Object is one of our favorite choices. A super simple cake is ideal with such cutesy figurines of you and your man. Prices may vary, but we think they’re totally worth it.