Kid's Wear

by Colette Pastore

Kids’ Wear

By: Chelsea DeSimone

 Typically, a bride focuses on choosing her wedding dress, the dresses of her bridal party, and her groom’s suit of choice. Consequently, it is easy to overlook the “little” people (literally and figuratively). Whether it is an outfit for her flower girl or an outfit for her ring bearer, a bride’s younger clan should look just as spiffy as the rest of the bridal party.

 For Him – The Ring bearer

What a little charmer this boy is! The vest and dress pant ensemble with the patterned tie is adorable. Anything miniature is always cuter, isn’t it? No grown man could rock this outfit quite as well as this little man can. What we absolutely love about this ring bearer’s look is the piece he is carrying. The vintage book wrapped in burlap gives an old-fashioned look. By adding the multicolored hydrangea, the accessory becomes more modern and less antique looking.

For Her – The Flower Girl

These gals are way too sweet. We love their scalloped, soft pink dresses with their cotton leggings. The cardigans make their look a bit more casual, but it totally works! The canvas-colored TOMS for kids are a great choice for flower girls. They are comfy and yet still work perfectly with the entire look. Not to mention, there is something about these two tiny love bugs carrying bouquets almost half their size that makes us swoon.

A bride can really make her ring bearer’s outfit and her flower girl’s outfit as simple or as done-up as she wants to. The most important thing to remember is that a wedding is long; make sure that your little ones are as comfortable as possible. Trust us, they will enjoy your special day as much as you do!