For Your Furry Friends

by Colette Pastore

For Your Furry Friends

By: Chelsea DeSimone

Don’t they say that a dog is man’s best friend? What better way to really show everyone how much you love your pup than to include him or her (or them) in your wedding? Just a couple of pointers before you decide how to go about styling your canine companion for your big day: First, make sure that you give him a bath or (get him professionally bathed), so that he doesn’t emit a less than attractive odor at your wedding. Second, make sure that post-bath, you do not let your dog run outside in the dirt and mud… no matter how feisty and tempting those pesky squirrels may be.

This sweet girl looks like a true lady in her wedding wreath! While we aren’t big fans of adorning our furry friends in a faux wedding dress or anything over-the-top (sorry, everyone!), we cannot get over how perfect she looks in this blush-hued neckpiece. The colors of the flowers are soft and the few leaves scattered throughout give the wreath a super organic, outdoorsy feel. Look how well behaved she is, too… Posing for the camera, head tilt and all!

Don’t worry, boy pups. We’ve got some ideas for you, too! Rather than buy a gaudy, overpriced dog tux at your local costume store, opt for a simple bowtie collar. They can be very inexpensive, especially if you are willing to create your own. However, if you are unwilling to chance your own crafting skills, there are always sites like Etsy where brave souls take on your worries.  We found a cute one here.

Most importantly, make sure that your dogs are well trained before introducing them into your wedding. Some of your guests may be a bit afraid of your loving pooch, so it is vital that the dog be on his best behavior. If all goes well, they can end up being quite the hit. After all, what kid doesn’t love animals? Not only can you have your “best (furry) friend” in your wedding, but you could also offer hours of entertainment for your younger guests.