Wedding Registry Wish list

by Colette Pastore

Wedding Registry Wish list

By: Chelsea DeSimone


We all know that weddings can be ridiculously expensive to put together these days. You have to pay thousands for a venue, catering, and entertainment amongst other things. This money is all shelled out in the hopes that you have the best day possible; this means it should be the best day possible for your guests, too. With all of this being said, you should come up with a kick-butt registry wish list in return for your awesome wedding day!


Measuring Hedgies

These measuring cups in the shape of hedgehogs are nothing short of adorable. What man doesn’t love a woman who knows how to cook and bake? Men, if you’re looking for an excuse to get your lady in the kitchen, these may just do the trick. At $36, Anthropologie has succeeded in transforming an everyday kitchen necessity into something creative and fun. These would make the perfect addition to any kitchen.


Bold Coffee Maker

The kMix coffee maker by De’Longhi is so bold and modern. It comes in a variety of different colors that will spruce up any dull kitchen. The kMix coffee maker can make up to five cups per use. If we’re being honest here, coffee may be the real secret behind keeping a marriage going… Who wants to live with someone who hasn’t had his/her caffeine fix every morning?!


Towels and Personalized Soap

We love this idea. Pottery Barn has the option of getting monogrammed bars of soap. What a perfect addition to a new bathroom! Throw in a couple of plush hand towels and call it a day. This is certainly a gift that is both personal, as well as useful.


One of the greatest parts of a wedding is getting to spend the day with your friends and loved ones and then getting to go home to a bunch of new goodies! While the few items that we’ve selected would definitely be on our wedding registry wish lists, there are so many good things to choose from. Hint: add a lot of variety to your list (i.e. kitchenware, gift cards, fun adventures).