Ceremony Backdrops

by Colette Pastore

Ceremony Backdrops

By: Chelsea DeSimone


Modern weddings tend to be becoming less and less traditional. Today, we rarely see a ceremony in a church without a sweet backdrop of the couple’s choice. Backdrops are one of the easiest aspects of a wedding to personalize… not to mention that they look awesome in pictures. Take a peek at some of the ceremony décor that we love.


Written Vows

How cute is this couple? This is one of the easiest backdrops you could make. All you need is some craft paper. The bride and group each handwrite their vows to one another (large enough for their friends and family to read them). Not only does this act as a backdrop, but it can also double as an “aisle.” The best part of this project is that you can keep the vows after your ceremony.


Chalkboard Backdrop

Chalkboard crafts are still super “in” these days. This backdrop creates the perfect frame for the new married couple to stand in. It is super personal and there is no distracting background for pictures. We may or may not know the perfect person to help you create your ideal chalkboard backdrop… eh hem, Kate Farley.

If you are into antiquing, this backdrop is for you. Collect some old frames of different sizes and hang them from a structure of your choice. We really like the large structure created here out of twigs and moss… it makes for a more rustic feel. To all of you outdoorsy couples, this is really organic and chic.


These are just a couple of our favorite backdrops these days. There are so many options that can add a little spice to your big day. You will get tons of compliments from your guests if you choose to take the time to come up with a creative backdrop for your ceremony. Also, your photographer will have tons of fun with coming up with stunning pictures of your work.