Getaway Vehicles

by Colette Pastore

Getaway Vehicles

By: Chelsea DeSimone

 Most people believe that a first impression speaks volumes. However, a getaway can be equally as important at leaving an impact on your audience. A bride’s grand entrance as she walks down the aisle can leave her loved ones in tears… But, what bride doesn’t want to leave her big day in style? It’ll give her friends and family something to remember!

 “Just Married” Bike

We think this idea is too cute. Grab a pair of his and her’s beach cruisers and attach a “Just Married” license plate to them. This getaway vehicle is perfect for a beach wedding; it’s totally casual and such a fun alternative to your typical limo exit. Not only this, but it’s environmentally friendly since there is no need for gas.

Vintage Taxi

Anything yellow is always cheery. So, why not rent out a vintage taxi to escort you away? It’ll be an attention-getter and an upgrade from your average black Cadillac. If the bride and groom are going for an antique look on their wedding day, this sweet taxi will make for the perfect closer.

Pompom Truck

This forest green truck just screams hay bales and hoedowns (in a good way, of course). The hand-stitched “Just Married” sign and the multicolored pompoms give the vehicle a homemade feel. All the newlyweds need now are a couple of mason jars full of sweet tea waiting for them in the cup holders.

No matter how a bride and groom choose to leave their big day, one thing is for certain: their wedding guests are going to be in awe. After all, they just spent their day watching you tie the knot; this will last a lot longer than your grand exit. But, come on… why not leave an awesome impression at the end of a stunning day, also?