Washi Tape – Wedding Edition

by Colette Pastore

Washi Tape – Wedding Edition

By: Chelsea DeSimone


If there is one item that is necessary to always keep in stock in your craft closet, it’s washi tape. This tape fad has really taken off recently (probably due to the fact that it comes in so many cute patterns and colors). Washi tape generally runs at about $5 a roll and can be found at your local craft store. Lots of people use these printed tapes to secure pictures to walls, but we’ve put together some of our favorite wedding uses.

 Washi Tape Wedding Favors

Wedding favors can end up being a lot more expensive than you may have originally anticipated them being. Luckily for us, washi tape can come to our rescue. Grab some paper bags and use a white paint marker to spruce up that dull brown color. Then, slip a small gift into the bag and use the washi tape to seal the package. Voila!

Washi Tape Wedding Invitations

If you’re looking to save a few bucks on your big day, opt for a simple wedding invitation (i.e. a neutral background and a small amount of text). When the invites come in, use various washi tapes to create a homemade look. This will also add a bit of color and texture to the otherwise plain invitations.

Washi Tape Wedding Decorations 

We seriously cannot get enough of these glass candleholders. Instead of searching for your ideal color combination on wedding day accessories, make them yourself. Glass candleholders such as these ones are fairly inexpensive when purchased as wholesale items; they’re also reasonably priced at craft stores. Pick out some washi tapes that are relevant to your color scheme and go crafting crazy!

If these ideas aren’t enough to convince you to go out and purchase your very own washi tape collection, we don’t know what is. Not to mention, these tapes can be used for so many other projects: a win-win situation.