Metallic Weddings

by Colette Pastore

Metallic Weddings

By: Chelsea DeSimone

Some brides choose to throw outrageous, glitzy weddings (in a good way). However, we’re moving in a direction that calls for a more simplistic design style in the world of wedding décor. Plain and simple can be quite beautiful, if done correctly. But, come on… there’s always room for just a bit of metallic. There is something so lovely about pairing basic design with a hint of glam.

Gold-leafed Terracotta Pots 

These gold-leafed terracotta pots are perfect for either an outdoor wedding where potted plants are being incorporated. But, they can also work really nicely indoors! Even grouping a few (like in the above picture) look awesome. The gold-leafing make the otherwise rustic pots look new and modern; the ideal mix of old and new!

Gold Striped Macaroons 

The person who thought of creating desserts that use gold metallic coloring is a pure genius. We love the idea of transforming a bland-colored macaroon into a work of art. The simple stripe of gold across each macaroon adds just the right amount of glamour to these popular sweet treats. Just look at how great these gems look stacked up on a gold platter! 

Bridesmaids’ Gold-Toed Flats

Gold-toed flats by Asos on sale for about $50 right now? Don’t mind if we do! Completely gold shoes can be a bit over the top for a simple wedding, but these cream colored flats with a hint of metallic are a great balance between comfort and fashion. Put your bridesmaids in some basic dresses and then have them wear these affordable shoes. The best part is that these flats can be worn as everyday shoes, too.

Clearly, there are lots of tasteful ways to add metallic to a simple wedding. You don’t have to go over the top to have your wedding day have the perfect amount of gold. Remember: the key to any type of design is balance, folks.