Bridal Showers

by Colette Pastore

Bridal Showers

By: Chelsea DeSimone


If you’re a close friend of the bride, you may volunteer to throw her a bridal shower. While this may seem burdensome at first, you can really put together something memorable and unique to your gal pal. The better you know the bride, the more likely it is that the bridal shower you throw her will be everything she could have hoped for.

Jewelry Party

 If the bride is a fashionista, this bridal party idea could be right up her alley. Gather a bunch of girlfriends and plan a night of jewelry making fun. Rather than just buying some awesome pieces, make them yourselves for a more personal touch. Maybe you can all agree to wear your new accessories on the bride’s big day!

Wine and Cheese Party

Okay, so maybe the bride isn’t so into fashion. That’s okay! If she’s a foodie, plan a cheese and wine night. We love this “anatomy of a cheese plate,” which offers the perfect illustration of everything you need to put together the ideal grouping of yummy goodness. Let’s be real… there is no going wrong with throwing a cheese and wine party!

Planting Party

Let’s say that the bride is an avid gardener and lover of nature. Get a few small rose plants and some moss. Then, pick up a few cute pots and put together some homemade centerpieces. These can be used on the bride’s wedding day and then you can take them home as souvenirs. This idea is sure to bring joy from start-to-finish: potting the rose plant and then getting to nurture it.

Whatever route you decide to take when throwing the bride a personalized bridal shower, the most important thing to remember is to make it unique to her. We’re all aware of the stereotypical bridal party; don’t go down that route! The bride will be touched by your ability to throw her a get-together that is structured just for her