Wedding Signage

by Colette Pastore

Wedding Signage

By: Chelsea DeSimone


It may just be my OCD, but I adore pristine lettering. To me, nothing says “I’ve got everything done perfectly” quite like some fine writing does. Those final details are what really brings everything together… especially on your big day! I’ve gathered some of my favorite uses of signage from across the web to share with you all.

Shout Out

It’s inevitable. No matter how many people you may invite to your wedding, not everyone is going to be able to share in your special day with you. This may be due to conflicting schedules, lack of monetary funding, or simply the inability to travel due to old age. Whatever the reason may be, choose to include those close to you with a shout-out like the one pictured above! It may not be quite as good as actually having that person there, but I’m sure the recipient would be totally flattered and feel included.

Wooden Calligraphy 

I love combining the old with the new. That’s why I find these signs for the bride and groom to be so gorgeous. There is something about pairing those old wood pieces with some fresh white calligraphy that is divine. Not to mention, the off-centered calligraphy gives an overall rustic feel to the setup for the two lovebirds.

Place Cards 

Okay, outdoorsy folk, this one is for you. Create an organic place card display using some twine and mini clothes hangers. Display the seating arrangement by alternating old photos with handwritten flags. Tie the twine around a great tree and you’ve got yourself one inexpensive (yet lovely) work of art.

However you choose to incorporate signage and lettering into your wedding day, be sure to pick a font that speaks to you. Whether you are going for a more traditional feel or a vintage vibe, there is a font for every occasion. Start by looking through lettering choices on your computer and then create some handwritten options. You will surely decide on the ideal fit for you and your big day.



A special shout-out to the lovely Ashley Kuly and her awesome groom, Paul Charles, for allowing us to be a part of their big day! You two were an absolute joy to work with and your wedding turned out beautifully. We wish you tons of love and happiness in the years to come!