It’s All About the Polka Dots…

by Colette Pastore

It’s All About the Polka Dots…

By: Chelsea DeSimone

Details, details, details. There is something so sweet about having the most ideal wedding adorned with just the right amount of detail. In our opinion, polka dots make for a great accent to any special day – especially in these warmer months. Too many dots are never a good thing… Can you imagine having a polka dot wedding dress? Neither can we. (Unless, it’s J. Crew’s Carenna Gown. Then, it’s a whole different story). We’ve come up with some ways to incorporate these lovely dots into your big day.

Sheer Polka Dot Tights

Alright. So, these may not be ideal for an entire bridal party. However, they could look super chic on a daring bride who has chosen a tea-length wedding dress. Even those who are simply guests at someone’s big day can turn a dress that they already have hanging into their closet into a super cute wedding outfit.

Polka Dot (Confetti) Invitations

We love these invitations for two reasons. First, they have multi-colored pastel polka dots. Second, these “polka dots” are actually confetti. In other words, you bring the little packet of confetti to the bride’s special day and shower her with it as she walks down the aisle. An adorable invite and confetti built into it? Don’t mind if we do!

Polka Dot Drinking Glasses

Polka dots on drinking glasses add a little bit of glamour to your everyday sipping instrument. If you are opting for simpler wedding décor, this is a good choice to spruce things up. Sometimes, the smallest of details can have a large impact. These beauties can either be purchased or, if you are on a budget, you can create your own polka dot glasses.

As you can tell, we cannot get enough of polka dots this wedding season. They add a hint of femininity to just about everything. And really, who can deny a detail that is so versatile and yet so effective? Polka dots are pure perfection.

(*If you are curious about the Carenna Gown, here is the link!