Homemade Rose Petal Aisle

by Colette Pastore

Homemade Rose Petal Aisle

By: Chelsea DeSimone

Discloser: this is a bit of a different post, but I just couldn’t resist this topic!


We had a wedding a couple of weeks ago at the Hyatt at Penns Landing in Philadelphia. Our bride, Kenisha, wanted a picturesque ceremony complete with a huge wall of windows that gave way to the most gorgeous waterfront setting. As if the stunning view wasn’t enough, Kenisha decided to add even more sophistication to her big day by incorporating an aisle lined in fresh rose petals.


Our flower extraordinaire, Kate Farley, taught my co-worker Tish and me how to properly “de-petal” roses. She arrived with a large tub of ivory roses in water. I was overwhelmed with the idea of having to retrieve the petals by tearing off one after another. But, alas, I was mistaken. Kate demonstrated a technique that is both timesaving and easy. You simply grab the head of the rose (the entire flower part) and break it off from the stem. Then, the petals basically fall apart themselves! They all turned out beautifully and without any tears. Thank goodness that Kate was there, otherwise Tish and I would have had an incredibly daunting task ahead of us. Thanks, Kate of Kate Farley Design!

The aisle lined in rose petals turned out better than I could have expected. Our bride made her grand entrance and walked down an aisle (like the beauty pictured above) to meet the man of her dreams. Congratulations, again, Kenisha!

Be sure to check out some of Kate’s work and like her page at the link below. She makes lovely flower arrangements and also creates chalkboard signs: