Wedding Shoes

by Colette Pastore

Wedding Shoes

By: Chelsea DeSimone

There is a fine line between “cute” and “comfortable.” Generally, we have to choose whether we want to look fashionable or whether we want to be cozy. Shoes… we’re looking at you. There are so many of you on the market that we’d love to have in our closets, but some of you are just not worth the discomfort. On a bride’s big day, there will be lots of standing and moving around. That’s why we’ve gathered some shoes that are both stylish and comfy enough to be worn all day long!

TOMS Zebra Zag Wedges

If you are someone who is unwilling to sacrifice giving up height that wedges provide, check out these TOMS. TOMS are known for their coziness and they come in a variety of colors. Regardless of your color scheme, these wedges are sure to come in a style that works for you! Choose from patterned prints to bold-colored solids.  You will still end up with height, as well as a gorgeous look.

Kate Spade Trixie Flats 

These Kate Spade flats are ideal for the bride that is a bit more edgy. We adore the black and white stripes with the gold-glittered toe. As if these shoes weren’t perfect enough already, they have added a feminine touch with the bow. The Trixie Flats offer a great balance between girly and avant-garde.

J. Crew Lillian Gold Low Wedges 

J. Crew came up with a low wedge that is just fancy enough for a bride’s special day! These shoes combine the look of a sandal with a hint of upscale femininity. Our favorite part of these beauties is the buckle; it adds just a hint of vintage fashion to the otherwise new-looking shoe. Best part? The Lillian Gold Low Wedge can be worn again and again for nicer events.

As you can see, there are plenty of lovely shoe options that can withstand your big day. Ladies, if your goal is to be comfortable on your wedding day, do not opt for a pair of five-inch heels. If you are brave enough to try out a pair of stilettos, please, let us know your secret; you are our new hero!