Tattoos & Weddings

by Colette Pastore

Tattoos & Weddings

By: Chelsea DeSimone

I think that a lot of people have the wrong perception what it comes to tattoos. All too often, our parents scold us that we will not like our tattoos when we are older, that they are trashy, or that they are “marring our bodies.” However, I look at them as works of art. As someone who tends to be creative and artsy, I appreciate a good tattoo.

So, I say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. There is no need to cover up your ink on your wedding day. In fact, there are so many ways that you can tastefully play up your tats. 

A bright red lip is old-fashion and gorgeous. With an up-do, the lipstick creates an even more striking effect. My favorite part of this bride’s look is her tattoo. The black and white flowers are feminine, simple, and still a gorgeous piece of art. The tattoo adds just the right amount of  “bad girl.”  

In an equally stunning way, couple tattoos can be accentuated. While some couple tattoos are viewed as cheesy, they can be super rad. This quaint anchor on the bride and on the groom is delicate. Photographers can get some amazing, unique shots of your matching ink!

These couple of tattoos will be sure to turn any tattoo critic into a fan. As long as your tat is artistic and speaks to your personality, then there is no need to keep it covered up; you got it done for a reason!