Who We Are...

Colette Pastore grew up in the hospitality industry with a chef/restauranteur for a father. She was always drawn to party and event planning throughout her many jobs in catering, an Italian pastry shop, and even the entertainment industry. She learned that it wasn’t quite as easy as it looked while planning her own wedding, and a few months later entered into the Wedding Planning Certificate program at Temple University. It’s run by local wedding planners who became invaluable resources. Through networking groups and an internship Colette learned so much!  Five years later, and everyday gets more rewarding. Challenging, but fun, and gratifying.  

At Pastore Events, we know that traditions are important, but we really appreciate the unique. Turning simple ideas into whimsical, romantic, unforgettable memories are what we are all about. We help make all of the memories you’ll hold dear in your heart as wonderful as you have imagined them in your head.   

Our ideal clients probably could plan everything themselves, but realize that they shouldn’t have to. They have tons of ideas, are extremely organized, and love to talk about all of the fun details. They aren't afraid to think out of the box and inject the day with everything important to their love story. They passionately love everything about themselves and their life together. They're obsessed with the latest trends, dance parties, anything glittery, and being a foodie. Basically, they're awesome and know it! Which is probably why we’ll end up becoming good friends. 

Our clients love us because we're honest, caring, and down-to-Earth. We will always be an advocate for our client, ensuring that their vision becomes reality. We have a calming, reassuring effect on people that makes them feel safe and in good hands. 

A little more about Colette: Her favorite things include the city of Philadelphia, going to the movies, her daughter’s laughter, the color orange, learning about her heritage, throwing parties, books, useless trivia, hockey, all things Parisian, the shore, singing and dancing, spending time with her husband, and eating at amazing restaurants. One thing you should know about Colette is that when she LOVES something, she will talk about it nonstop, promote it, live it.  

Colette's Advice For You: Do not be afraid to make this day about everything you love. Your favorite city, your favorite music, your favorite food, and your favorite people. You and your partner should make this day about your life and your love. Take a deep breath, soak it all in, and have fun!! Your wedding day should be the best party you’ve ever been to with every single person you love in one room. It should be easy and effortless. (Especially if you have a great planner!) It doesn’t get any better than that!!